In recent years hair transplants have become a much better value. Not only has quality improved dramatically but graft prices have come way down.

The leading hair transplant clinics are doing larger surgical sessions that have improved hair transplant cost efficiencies for patients, while providing thicker and fuller results. Increased competition and price shopping online has also driven prices down.

Only a few years ago it was not unusual for a clinic to charge as much as $15 per graft, while providing patients with only small sessions of a few hundred grafts.

Affordable Prices and Monthly Financing.

Today most hair transplant clinics offer free no obligation consultations, with surgical sessions priced either per graft or by the session. Financing with low monthly payments is also often offered.

Hair transplant prices typically range from $3.00 to $8.00 per graft, with $5 to $6 per graft being about average. Normally the price per graft also drops as the size of the surgical session increases.


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